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Im Gespräch mit Jane Iredale, Vorsitzende und Gründerin der Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

710 What does beauty mean for you personally?

Beauty is something that connects with you inside and lifts the spirits. It can be a flower, a person, a piece of music. It’s a very personal experience. I think female beauty, male too, is completely dependent on inner beauty. We’ve all had experiences where someone initially appears very beautiful to our eyes, but after a while the impact wears off. I think this is because we’re let down by something inside them. Conversely, the opposite can happen where someone grows more beautiful.

You started your buisiness in 1994. I heave read that before this you were very successful in the film buisiness and even worked together with ver247y famous people. Still, you turned your back on film to develop the first cosmetics which are actually good for the skin. How did you feel when starting this new business?

I was never scared even though I staked everything I had on it. I had such confidence in the products and I knew this was something that women wanted and needed. I never missed my show business life.  In fact, it was a relief. I’m so much happier doing what I do now.

So you never had the desire to return to film?  Weiterlesen

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